Friday, October 3, 2008

HAND MADE local craft fair

Here you will find all of the information about the HAND MADE local craft fair.
You can find the link to download the application in the sidebar. You can open it with Word, fill in your info and then email it back to me or you can print it and send it in by mail. You can find all my contact info to the left.

Here's the basic rundown:

When: December 13th, 2008  11am - 7pm
What: A juried holiday craft fair featuring local crafters of all sorts. 
Why: To show people that buying local and handmade makes you feel good inside.

Application Deadline:
November 7th-ish

Each application will be reviewed by a committee and decisions will be made based on committee votes.

The cost to participate is $85
You can share spots as long as the committee approves all of the participants.
The booths are 7 feet deep and 5.5 feet wide. There are no usable walls. The booth spaces will be marked out with tape on the floor. Booths are first come first serve but don't worry they are all good spots. 

You will be responsible for decorating your own booth space. You will need to bring your own tables and chairs and whatever else you need to display your product.
Two words of advice: Think Big!
Your booth space is your own little shop and should represent you and your product. Feel free to bring real furniture and accessories, mannequins, dress forms, mirrors, racks, whatever! The more unique the better! Of course a well laid table is always in style too.

1. There will be posters put up all over town (and in Boulder and Denver) promoting the craft fair. These posters will have your name on them. I have a long list of places to put them but if you have any ideas, please let me know.
2. There will be postcards printed also with your name on them, that you can pick up and hand out as you wish.
3. There will be ads in the local newspapers.
4. There will be press releases sent out to all relevant local businesses and newspapers. (the artists nook, fancy tiger, two hands paperie...)
5. There is a website and there will be mentions on local, relevant blogs.

The day of the fair there will be signs at either end of the downtown square and a big one out front to draw people in.

Cafe Ardour will be on hand providing coffee, other beverages and yummy snacks.

The Gallery Underground is an awesome spot. The space is gorgeous with lots of character and the location could not be better. It is in the heart of downtown fort collins within walking distance from any of the popular restaurants and shops.


If you have any questions please email me at
Thank you for your interest!

Buy local!
Buy handmade!